Source One Round Up: December 30, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction
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Sourcing a Coupon Processing Company? Here's What You Need to Know
We've all been there, prompted to visit your favorite store after receiving an awesome coupon. Even though you may not need anything, you can't let the great deal go to waste. And, in most cases the coupon results in a win-win situation. The store successfully makes money it may not have otherwise and the customer gets to take advantage of a discount. Retailers have long used this marketing tactic to entice their customers to spend more money.

The key to success?- working with the right coupon processor to ensure coupons are properly tracked to avoid money costing errors. This week, Source One Marketing Analyst Liz Skipor explains the lifecycle of coupons and provides a detailed look at the importance of sourcing a coupon processor best-fit for companies looking to incorporate coupons in their marketing strategies.

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