Procurement serves an increasingly significant role in supporting long term strategic growth within organizations. As a result, CPOs are looking at the enterprise holistically to identify opportunities to drive revenue and efficiency, while reducing costs. For procurement teams, this means managing an array of services spend while working to build a foothold of influence and trusted advisor status for purchasing decisions.

On this topic, Source One Senior Project Manager Diego de La Garza sat down with Kelly Barner, Managing Editor of Buyers Meeting Point, to share his insights into strategic sourcing and supply chain industry trends and priorities.

In Part I of the podcast, de La Garza focuses on what Source One has learned about the view from the CPO’s desk including:

  • What do CPOs ask third party service providers behind closed doors?
  • How should procurement strike the balance between supporting interrelated efforts while remaining in alignment with company-wide objectives?
  • Is it possible to solicit outside help to meet short-term goals while still finding a path to self-sufficiency in the long-term?

In Part II of the podcast, de La Garza focuses on the scope and scale of the necessary vision to build a successful procurement operation:

  • How to balance long-term and short-term objectives and ensuring continuity between the two?
  • The ways in which strategies, such as nearshoring, effect procurement initiatives such as supplier relationship management
  • Alternative methods for measuring procurement’s performance in addition to metrics, including driving healthy relationships with internal and external parties

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