Gas and oil have been controversial pain points in the past 20 years or so. People are either commenting on the price per gallon or how harmful it is to the environment. Whatever your personal stance on the issue, there's no doubt that the majority of humankind is dependent to fuel. The hard truth is that we need to find an alternative that will sustain the planet longer than what fossil fuels may provide, which could be anywhere from 50 more years to a few hundred more. As responsible members of society, it should be our duty to provide future generations with energy solutions that allow for the same quality of life we desire now.

Luckily, the development of alternative solutions has been gaining prominence in both the public and private sectors. Should things go well, these new forms of energy will not be seen as a secondary selections, but as the choice that has positive long-lasting effects and doesn't cause tension between nations.

Turning up the power
One popular thought camp that has proven successful is harnessing natural and sustainable energy from sources such as sunlight, wind and water. Not only have these methods shown to be effective, but wind farms and solar panels are no longer a strange sight along highways. 

Internet billionaire and innovator Elon Musk has been using his company, Tesla Motors, to experiment with batteries as power storage solutions for more than just his electric cars. According to MiningFeeds, the single Powerwall battery will eventually be available for purchase for $3 500. No word yet on how long the lithium ion battery will last or how many devices it can support but we are still in the preliminary phases of the project and the hard facts will emerge as more tests and adjustments are made.

The source indicated that the toughest item on the agenda will be the procurement of the proper materials. Lithium and graphite are not necessarily difficult to source but suppliers do need to enter into trade agreements in order to secure pricing. There is yet to be any information about Tesla entering into such an agreement but interested parties are undoubtedly making moves toward uncovering potential partnerships.

The battery's bright future
Not only is Tesla working independently on these projects but others are taking the car's energy storage and putting it to a slightly different use. reported that there is a Florida project that has taken a battery and attached it to a massive solar panel on top of a parking garage at the University of South Florida. The power from the sun charges the battery which then powers the entire garage facility. The left-over energy will then be stored or sent for use elsewhere.

This is the first exploration into the true power of what natural. It remains to be seen just how effective these batteries can be or what affect they will have on the oil and gas industry. It will likely take a while to get through the testing and to safely procure the materials but many scientists and alternative energy experts are excited at the prospect of powering homes and entire communities by this method. As the field continues to grow and evolve it's likely that there will be people who are against the technology because of preexisting business allegiances or even the general unknown nature of the batteries themselves. However, should these energy sources catch on there's no telling what lengths people will push them to in order to power and protect the earth.

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