In case you missed it, here is a look at procurement and supply chain channels featuring Source One subject matter experts this week!

POTS in the Modern World: Part I and Part II on Corporate United
Before canceling your company’s plain old telephone service (POTS) Project Analyst Jackie Palantino breaks down how POTS fits in an evolving market and when customer should consider modern options in this two part series.

Sourcing Finished Goods with Single Source Raw Materials on My Purchasing Center
Don’t let the words “single source” scare you, Project Analyst Tinamarie Rintye provides cost saving strategies even when dealing with the challenges of a single source material.
Savings from Tesla’s Powerwall? I don’t think so…at least not in the US on Buyers Meeting Point
Senior Project Manager Michael Croasdale weighs in on the launch of Tesla’s Powerwall as a means of an alternative energy source.


Procurement Perspectives Podcast : Part I and Part II on Buyers Meeting Point
Senior Project Manager Diego de La Garza provides insights in to the questions CPOs ask behind closed doors and speaks to the size and scope of the vision required to build a successful procurement operation in this two part podcast series.  

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