UPS to test plastic trucks in cost reduction experiment  Energy prices have soared since the beginning of the year, with the price of oil jumping precipitously. Businesses like UPS are constantly searching for ways to achieve business cost reductions, and the logistics company recently introduced a lightweight delivery truck that could help achieve cost reductions, according to a new report.

Popular Science reports that the company recently showed off its latest delivery truck prototype, which is made from a high quality plastic. The trucks are scheduled to undergo testing throughout the remainder of the year to determine how well they hold up, but company executives are hopeful they will result in procurement cost reductions.

According to The Atlantic, UPS is testing five of the trucks, made from ABS plastic instead of sheet aluminum, at five of its most demanding routes, including some in New York and Arizona. UPS said the trucks are 1,000 pounds lighter than standard models, are 40 percent more fuel efficient and can run on a smaller engine.

Moreover, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) were incorporated into their design. LEDs consume less energy than standard light bulbs and have a longer lifespan. UPS executives assert that if the testing goes well, the plastic trucks could be incorporated into the company's 70,000 truck lineup as early as next year.
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