Nvidia to buy Icera for $367 million in cash  Nvidia announced this week that it has agreed to acquire Icera in a deal worth upwards of $360 million.

In a statement, Nvidia said it would buy Icera in an all-cash deal. Icera specializes in the development of baseband processors for 3G and 4G cellular phones and tablets. Icera, which has more than 550 patents granted or pending around the globe, has an array of products approved to work in over 50 countries, increasing its value, Nvidia executives affirmed.

Nvidia said it will buy Icera for $367 million, pending regulatory approval. The decision to purchase Icera is strategic as the newly formed company will offer the two main processors used in smartphones, enabling it to improve its market share and more readily deliver equipment to consumers.

According to Nvidia chief executive Jen-Hsun Huang, the newly formed company will be a global powerhouse within the industry.

"This is a key step in Nvidia's plans to be a major player in the mobile computing revolution," Huang asserted. "Adding Icera's technology to Tegra gives us an outstanding platform to support the industry's best phones and tablets."
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