Michael Dell: Healthcare IT improvements can help boost revenue, efficiency  According to Dell chairman Michael Dell, improvements in healthcare IT directly aid patients by increasing hospital efficiency, among other benefits. 

At the recent Health Evolution Partners Leadership Summit, which was held in Dana Point, California, Dell affirmed that a more streamlined healthcare IT approach would directly benefit patients, resulting in improved healthcare and innovations in prevention and wellness. The company plans to aggressively move into the industry over the next few years, Dell affirmed.

During his speech, Dell asserted that healthcare organizations should increase the digitalization of data and the ability to share information among providers. By doing so, Dell contends they could boost productivity and increase patient care, all the while keeping costs low. Moreover, Dell said that healthcare technology progress would boost revenue at hospitals and clinics, giving a jolt of revenue to some beleaguered institutions.

"Today, Dell is providing EMR solutions to 40,000 clinicians through 20 hospital-affiliated programs," Dell said. "Seventy percent of the hospitals who have achieved the highest level of EMR deployment are Dell customers."

Along with its enterprise solutions, Dell has moved to utilize its software on emerging technologies like tablets and smartphones.

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