Toyota to increase workdays following manufacturing slowdown  Toyota Motor has witnessed its automaking business suffer in the wake of the 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami that battered Japan on March 11, causing widespread destruction. Though the company has had to scale back production, it plans to increase the number of workdays, according to a recent report.

Reuters reports that the Japanese automaker plans to add about two production days to its monthly operating schedule, totaling 10 to 15 workdays for the year. Further, the company is endeavoring to augment output by 150,000 vehicles as production plants come back online and critical component deliveries resume over the coming weeks.

According to Japanese business daily Nikkei, Toyota executives plan to present the proposal to its labor union for approval. Thus far, the Japanese crisis has reduced Toyota's domestic production by more than 550,000 units, according to estimates.

In the immediate aftermath of the devastation, Toyota engineers scrambled to find alternate suppliers for more than 500 critical components. However, that figure has fallen to roughly 30 parts this month.

Toyota, which assembles a majority of its vehicle offerings in Japan, is currently operating at roughly 50 percent capacity; in June, the company projects it will increase manufacturing capacity to about 70 to 80 percent, after which it will raise it incrementally.
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