UN report concluded more metal recycling needed to prevent shortages  According to a new report from the United Nations, the used metal recycling rate is too low to support the growing production of electronic goods and it could lead to shortages if it is not increased. 

The report, released by the UN Environment Program (UNEP), found that a "very large" number of metals are not being recycled around the world. The report concluded that more than 60 percent of 60 metals used in the production of products as varied as smartphones to construction equipment have recycling rates below 50 percent, Bloomberg reports.

Moreover, if the recycling rate is not improved, it could lead to significant problems for companies looking to achieve manufacturing cost reductions as a large swath of metals are currently in short supply, the report stated.

"In spite of significant efforts in a number of countries and regions, many metal recycling rates are discouragingly low, and a 'recycling society' appears no more than a distant hope," the report reads.

Business cost reductions and strategic sourcing improvements are among other benefits of metals recycling, as companies can more quickly and adeptly procure the vital metals if recycling rates improve, according to analysts.
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  1. well, it's about time. metal recycling is a good thing and a must. it's at everyone's best interest if we do this.