Panasonic very concerned about supply chain disruptions this yearThe world's largest manufacturer of plasma televisions, Panasonic, said recently that supply chain disruptions that are continuing in the wake of the Japan earthquake and tsunami will ultimately have an "extremely severe" impact on its business.

The company's president, Fumio Ohtsubo, recently told a group of reporters in Tokyo that the firm believes its revenue will be adversely affected during the first half of the fiscal year. According to estimates from analysts fielded by Bloomberg, the company's net income could decrease by 29 percent in the year ending in March.

"Supply chain hasn’t recovered fully," admitted Ohtsubo. "For the third quarter and fourth quarter, I’m still not so sure if the reconstruction demand will be so strong."

The timing of the supply chain disruptions could not be much worse for Panasonic, which posted its first annual profit in three years last year. As a result of the natural disasters in Japan, the company has been forced to scale back production of its digital cameras as well, according to The Wall Street Journal.
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