Report highlights businesses' susceptibility to supply chain disruptions  With the growing interconnectivity of businesses across the globe, potential supply chain disruptions present one of the most formidable challenges that companies face, according to a recently published report.

A recent study conducted by BDO USA, "2011 BDO RiskFactor Report for Technology Businesses," surveyed over 100 of the largest publicly traded technology companies. According to the report, 86 percent of respondents affirmed that supply chain concerns relating to supplier relations and distribution and material costs ranked as the top risk factors to performance. .

That figure represents a 15 percent uptick from the prior year's survey, illustrating the growing importance of logistics and supply chain planning, according to BDO USA's Aftab Jamil.

"Concerns over the ability to executive corporate strategy have more than tripled in the past two years as companies are under pressure to get back into the game and stay ahead of the competition," Jamil said in a statement.

Companies like Apple, which is the world's most valuable tech company with a market cap at $208 billion, have struggled to overhaul their supply chain models in the wake of the natural disasters that battered Japan in March, bringing the country's infrastructure to a standstill. The increasing complexity of global supply chains has prompted many businesses to reassess their current procurement policies, according to the report.
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