Spiders prompt Mazda to recall 75,000 vehiclesAutomaker Mazda announced this week it will recall over 50,000 vehicles in the U.S., and an additional 15,000 in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico after concerns emerged that spiders - yes, the arachnids - could potentially make webs in vents. 

So far this year, Mazda has earned the distinction as the most quirky of all recalls. Unlike Ford's most recent recall involving its F-150 pickup trucks that suffered from an assembly problem, Mazda's 6 vehicle offering is being recalled on fears that spiders could weave a web in a vent connected to a fuel tank system, clogging up the tank's ventilation.

According to the Japanese automaker, pressure on the fuel tank could potentially lead to cracks that could cause fuel leakages and increase the risk of fires. Nonetheless, Mazda said the flaw in the car's design has not led to any injuries, fires or crashes; rather, the recall is a precautionary move.

Jeremy Barnes, a spokesman for the company, said dealers had so far identified about 20 cases in which spider webs were found in the vents; the webs were made by yellow sac spiders, though the company has so far found no reason as to why they climbed into the vents of the Mazda6 rather than other vehicle types.

Another curious part of the story is that the spiders have no specific connection to a particular region in North America, CBS News reports. "Perhaps yellow sac spiders like to go zoom-zoom," Barnes joked. 
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