Report: Mexico has increased its global competitiveness through roadway upgradesMexico's quick ascent into a player in the global supply chain has been facilitated by the country's strategic location near the U.S., its well-educated and mobile labor force and the expansion and modernization of its interstate highway system, according to a recently published report.

The research report, titled "Mexico's Evolving Network of Modern Interstate Roadways," is a study into the country's rapid shift into a global economic player and delves into the country's moves to update its infrastructure as it competes against Asian countries for manufacturing jobs. The report states that Mexico has greatly increased its competitiveness by building state-of-the-art facilities throughout the country and constructing rural roads where none existed just a few years ago.

Moreover, Mexico has moved to lower transportation costs to ensure goods can be easily delivered to distant markets. Commissioned by ProLogis, the report concludes that Mexico is well on track to completing the infrastructure upgrades to its highways and roads by its projected end date in 2012. Upon completion, Mexico will have greatly increased its global competitiveness.

Mexico's upgrades to its transit systems and roadways have already helped some parts of the country have better access to jobs; when the upgrades are complete, there will be millions of people who were formerly disconnected because of a dilapidated roadway system who are able to move and adapt to where jobs are made.  
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