Positioned for growth, CDC Software contracts additional suppliers in Mexico, Brazil  CDC Software Corporation, one of the biggest providers of software in the world, announced this week that it has contracted with suppliers in Mexico and Brazil since the beginning of this year as it looks to increase its market share in the increasingly lucrative Latin American markets.

While a lot of media attention is paid to the blistering pace of economic expansion in Asian countries like China and India, countries like Mexico are also experiencing jumps in economic growth. However, countries in South and Latin America are also experiencing huge returns: Brazil's GDP, for example, grew at a 7.5 percent annualized pace in 2010. To capitalize on that growth, CDC has contracted suppliers in Mexico and Brazil, allowing it to avoid import tariffs in Brazil and keeping its manufacturing operations closer to its headquarters in the U.S.

With its additional supplier partners, CDC now has a total of 13 partners in Latin America. Demand for CRM technology, which CDC specializes in, is expected to surge in Latin American countries over the next few years, according to Oscar Pierre, the senior vice president of CDC Software in Latin America.

"CRM adoption, in particular, is expected to increase significantly in Latin America due to the rising demand by U.S. companies to opt for near shore outsourcing, moving their business outsourcing and call centers to closer regions like Central and South America that are more closely aligned in terms of geography and culture," Pierre said in a statement.

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