There’s no doubt the Great Recession added extra strain on company hiring practices, leading HR organizations to find new ways for finding and developing ideal talent. One of those approaches was hiring more and more contingent labor. As the economy slowly recovers from the recession, however, the demand for temporary staffing and contingent labor hasn't died down. In fact, it continues to rise.

Companies, and candidates alike, are seeing the mutually shared benefits of temporary staffing arrangements - including cost flexibility for employers and work/life balance for candidates. This growing trend is particularly popular in fields such as IT/ Programming, Engineering, and Multimedia/ Design.

The demand for contingent labor is also seeing an uptick in procurement, sourcing, and supply chain organizations as well. However, with limited talent pools and high competition, companies are struggling to find these types of talent on their own- a hot topic of conversation during the 2015 Annual ISM conference this past month.

But, there is hope! Procurement consulting firms (like Source One) offer all the benefits of staffing agencies PLUS a variety of agile solutions to meet varying talent needs.

Below is an infographic outlining the growing demand for contingent workers and potential solutions for finding these candidates. 

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Carole Boyle

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