Is it time for a supply chain makeover?

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

This adage applies to a lot of situations - from relationships to recipes, films to fine art - and many believe that the traditional manner in which to do things shouldn't be changed unless it's no longer relevant. While this might be true, there is still another thought camp that believes in staying ahead of the curve to have a leg up on the competition. However, it can be difficult to pick a side when it comes to something as fluid as the supply chain.

The supply chain isn't a single entity that can either stay stagnant or change constantly. There are certain patterns that it adheres to and there's certainly a flow for the adjustments that occur. At times, though, something as amorphous as the supply chain does need to undergo some modifications to stay relevant and secure - is now the best time for a supply chain shift?

Time to break new ground?

In the world of strategic sourcing, procurement and supplying the demand for certain goods, there have been many changes in the past few decades in regard to technology. The advent of the Internet and mobile gadgets has made the supply chain much more flexible. No longer are managers tied to paper, spreadsheets, calculators and maps, as software and GPS navigation systems to make the job easier.

Despite these improvements, the supply chain game hasn't really changed much. There have been myriad setbacks over the years, including the Great Recession and security hacks of all sizes. According to SupplyChain247, it's time for the supply chain to reevaluate it's effectiveness since the economy is on the upswing and the industry should follow suit.

The source indicated that technology provides supply chain management with the opportunity to completely revolutionize the way that business can be run. An overhaul of the system will allow the supply chain to be more responsive to changes and pick up on trends much more easily. This sort of versatility keeps the suppliers agile, an invaluable resource in a such a competitive market.

New tracks in the making?

Some sourcing companies have already got it into their minds that a shift of the tides will be good for business. Many have ascertained expanding delivery options will not only make customers happy, but it will expand the circle of suppliers, which means more money for everyone. Indus​tryWeek noted that multi-channel distribution is not without its challenges, but it does present some profitable opportunities.

The source also reported how innovative businesses could explore some different approaches for getting the final products to customers. Some examples included bundled shipments and non-traditional distribution tactics. The last mile between delivery and customer satisfaction is very important, and the savvy supplier will figure out a method to cut costs and boost consumer happiness.

Should companies find a way to get materials from point A to a finished product at point B, customers will be very happy with their business interactions. There are so many opportunities that suppliers can take advantage of, and they should start by choosing which one will work best for them and their clientele and then move forward from there.

The supply chain isn't broken - perhaps a little rusty in places, but certainly not beyond repair. It should be our duty to take care of our customers by employing new and innovative ways to manufacture, transport and ultimately deliver goods.

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