Marketing Insight Report from Source One
Today, Source One debuted our latest free report, titled Fueling Effective Collaboration: How Strategic Sourcing Delivers Results for Marketing Groups.

This report, researched and published by Source One's Marketing Strategic Sourcing group, highlights the benefits that a Strategic Sourcing group can offer their organization's internal Marketing and advertising departments. Marketing groups often struggle with a wide variety of challenges and burdens that come with managing agency relationships and large marketing budgets. However, with a properly constructed strategic sourcing program, combined with the right tools, your procurement and marketing departments can work together in order to drive the maximum value out of your supplier relationships.

Source One Senior Project Manager, Kathleen Jordan, explains, "Traditionally, Marketing groups would only work with Procurement on tactical spend categories such as print materials and promotional items, but we are beginning to see a shift in the landscape. Marketing groups, now under pressure to cut and control costs, need more support when it comes to their more strategic relationships that tie directly to a particular brand's campaign."

Source One's free marketing sourcing research whitepaper covers the benefits that decision support, benchmarking, and contract management can have for Marketing groups.  The report then details how Strategic Sourcing teams can implement those tools to the benefit of the marketing department and the organization as a whole.

Download your free copy of the Marketing Insight Report here: "Fueling Effective Collaboration: How Strategic Sourcing Delivers Results for Marketing Groups"

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