This past Sunday, December 5, Verizon launched its 4G network making the battle between Sprint and Clear's WiMax and Verizon's Long Term Evolution (LTE) a reality. With comparable bandwidth and widespread availability on both networks, true 4G competition has arrived.

Verizon has not merely dipped its toe in the water but rather has cannon-balled right into the WiMax swimming pool. In a feat of engineering and logistics, Verizon managed to rolled out LTE in 38 cities and 60 major airports making LTE available to 110 million people in the US.

Verizon's pricing is competitive, but their tiered pricing is a bit of a drag. They currently have a 5GB and 10GB plan for $50 and $80 per month, respectively. It will cost you $10 for each additional gig after that. Unfortunately, at peak speeds, watching streaming video for an hour or so will put you into overage territory in an hour or less.

What's next? While Verizon continues to roll out the network, we need to wait for phones and USB modems that support LTE. Currently only a few are available but Verizon promises more are coming soon.
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