FedEx is a model of supply chain efficiencyThe holiday season, from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas, is the busiest time for logistics carriers like DHL, UPS and FedEx. While the number of packages the companies must transport shoots up over that time, the companies prepare all year long to ensure prompt service.

FedEx pulls off the seemingly impossible task of delivering its packages on time through the locations of its shipping centers and the company's commitment to technological proficiency. FedEx has a sorting center located in Alaska that is strategically placed in close proximity to North America, Asia and Europe; during the holiday season, the distribution center regularly sorts through more than 120,000 packages.

Moreover, FedEx employs the latest technologies to ensure timely delivery: this year, the company unveiled a Boeing 777F that is capable of flying to and from the company's world hub in Memphis, Tennessee to locations throughout Asia on a single tank of gas. Compared to the airplanes it is replacing, the 777F flies further on less fuel and can carry 14,000 more pounds.

The new 777Fs enable the company to cut its carbon emissions as the planes were designed to be more environmentally friendly than earlier models. With the strategic locations of its shipping centers and a fleet of more efficient airplanes, FedEx keeps it supply chain streamlined even during the hectic holiday season.
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