If you opposed having a nuclear treaty with Russia….

If you don’t want to ensure 9/11 first responders have access to good medical care…

If you think gays in the military should “just keep quiet about it”….

If you want to give tax cuts to millionaires by borrowing money from China….

If you think children that lived their whole life in this country but weren’t born here should be sent back to where they came from….

You might be enjoying a little too much eggnog. You are also most assuredly a Republican.

The media has decided that this lame duck session of Congress was a huge win for President Obama. This is true; he won some hard fought victories and passed some great legislation. But the problem is it shouldn’t have been so difficult. All the legislation that passed was common sense stuff that has little reason for partisanship. The fact that it was so difficult shows that something is off, way off, in Washington. We should be spending our time on complex issues, like financial regulation, energy, and our crumbling infrastructure. Instead, time, effort, and attention is spent on the little stuff, and getting it passed equates to “huge wins”.

In reality, the only reason anything got passed is because the Democrats found a small bit of leverage - Republicans wanted to go home for the holidays, and the only way they could stop the legislation was through the filibuster. Choosing between their ideologies and going home, they chose to go home. But they did pout about it.

The Republicans will start the New Year in a leadership position in the House of Representatives. With great power comes great responsibility. So in the New Year let’s hope our leaders lead, and if they can’t find common ground, maybe they could just use common sense.

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Joe Payne

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