UPS tells customers, 'We love logistics'"What can Brown do for you?" is the question that United Parcel Service has been asking its customers for years - but now, the company is focusing on another aspect of its business by releasing a new advertising campaign that proclaims, "We [heart] Logistics."

The 103-year-old company's first global marketing campaign is designed to help customers understand the power of logistics, which the company defines as the critical steps that allow a business to get its product to buyers, including stocking and running a warehouse, filling orders, clearing goods through customs, choosing a shipping method and handling returns. The campaign reflects the company's shift from simply a package delivery service to a full logistics provider.

Scott Davis, chairman and chief executive of Atlanta-based UPS, told the Wall Street Journal that the campaign was inspired by the knowledge that most of UPS's customer base only exports to one country - usually Canada.

"They are somehow intimidated by the cultural challenges of shipping to other countries," said Davis, who also sits on President Barack Obama's President's Export Council, a group of labor and business leaders that is working to double U.S. exports in five years.

Davis admitted that the U.S. is beginning to see some economic recovery, but stated that "if you're looking to grow over the next 10 or 20 years, you've got to look at a customer base beyond the U.S."
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  1. What great timing. I have a new article on my blog about how to change the way you look at your business through finding new terms to describe yourself. I'll be sure to add this amazingly cool example to my social media. We can all use a new campaign to help others understand our value for them. Great report!