Microsoft using cloud computing to improve supply chain agilityMicrosoft is moving its IT platform into the public and private cloud to help make its supply chain more versatile, Computerworld UK reports.

"Part of the agility and adaptability [of a supply chain] is overcoming the paradigm of how you connect with partners," said Brian Tobey, corporate vice-president of manufacturing, supply chain, information and services at Microsoft. "The cloud helps us manage the scale and requirements of services. [Our cloud service] allows you to use server capacity as you need it."

According to Tobey, moving the company into the cloud will help eliminate the need for traditional one-to-one telephone connections with suppliers, which are highly inefficient.

"Our supply chain has grown tremendously over the last several years,” added Tobey. "As early as three years ago, we managed about 25GB a day of data coming into the organization. Now we manage 350GB a day, all coming in from different companies. That is one of the challenges of our supply chain, which affects are agility and adaptability."

Microsoft is just one of a growing number of companies choosing to do business in the cloud. Other notable enterprises that have made forays into the world of cloud computing include ESPN, the New York Times and Nasdaq.
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