Puma and Damco team up to reduce supply chain carbon footprintPuma, the popular sports apparel brand, has launched an investigation into the carbon footprint of its supply chain and logistics operation.

Puma North America, which provides everything from footwear to accessories, has contracted with supply chain and freight forwarding service Damco to map the carbon emissions released by its Sportslifestyle brand's supply chain operation in the U.S.

The study is designed to help the company improve its environmental footprint and achieve carbon-neutrality for 2010 and beyond, said Helmut Leibbrandt, senior vice president of warehousing and operations for Puma North America. The company intends to meet its goal to reduce carbon, energy, and water consumption and waste by 25 percent by the year 2015, reports Logistics Today.

To achieve this, the company is taking a number of radical energy-saving steps. Puma will incorporate the use of solar panels to store energy to power its Los Angeles, California-based warehouse facility in a bid to take the plant 100 percent off the grid. Additionally, the warehouse is now using electric and propane-based machinery, which emits significantly less greenhouse gases than its diesel counterparts.

Damco also recently secured another prestigious contract, this time with Lockheed Martin. Damco will model a supply network for Lockheed's F-35 fighter jet to ensure the company has full access to important information on cost, lead-time, capacity and reliability for transportation routing and warehousing, reports Logistics Week.
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