BioSolar develops new solar panels to help company supply chains go greenSolar panels are meant to help companies operate in a more environmentally friendly way - but what if the process for making the solar panels themselves is harmful to the Earth? According to a recent article in Solar Novus, that may be the case. One company, however, is working to make sure every process in the solar panel supply chain is green.

"To truly clean and green the solar industry, every material and every manufacturing process must be sustainable," states the article. It goes on to point out that "the manufacturing of traditional silicon-based solar panels may present health and environmental hazards."

Luckily, Santa Barbara, California-based BioSolar has developed a new technology that will help produce bio-based materials from renewable plant sources, which will reduce the cost and harmful effects of photovoltaic, or PV, solar modules.

"Regardless of how green the components are, it is imperative for PV module manufacturers to be guaranteed long term reliability for each component," said BioSolar CEO Dr. David Lee. "To ensure long term reliability, which translates to demand for stricter product specifications and longer adoption cycles, BioSolar engages PV manufacturers to ensure customized quality through the joint development of individual internal testing requirements suited to each manufacturer - a process we will continue over the coming months."

The market for technology like BioSolar's may be on the rise, as many companies - such as Puma and Ernst & Young - work to make sure their supply chains don't leave harmful carbon footprints.
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