Google and Verizon have teamed up on a new proposal for the FCC being referred to as “Net Neutrality”. This proposal states that the government would have the power to enforce a kind of bill of rights for wired broadband users. Basically what they are trying to accomplish is to ensure that all Internet users have the freedom of access to any and all legal content on the Internet. This article from CNN Money indicates that providers such as Verizon, AT&T, etc. would not be able to put limitations on access to certain content. The proposal institutes a system of fines if violated.

What does this mean to the user? More costs of course! Providers would have to pay into the Federal Universal Service Fund to allow rural communities to have Internet access. Suppliers also have concerns that rising costs will inhibit their ability to upgrade their networks as needed. As consumers we know that when the suppliers’ costs rise, ours will as well. While we may or may not realize additional fees to access the Internet at home, this will permit small business owners more freedom from limitations to their websites. The ultimate goal seems to be aimed at providing for a more consumer driven Internet environment.

Of course nothing is in place yet, basically just food for thought!
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