Comcast's acquisition of NBCU has some rival companies concerned.The planned merger between Comcast and NBC Universal has come under fire from its critics one again.

The acquisition of NBC by the cable provider would be the biggest media combination in recent history, which has caused some to voice concerns about monopolies and corruption. Comcast, however, insists the deal is pro-consumer, in the public interest and shouldn't raise competition concerns. And with final responses during the Federal Communications Commission's comment period due this week, the debate is getting heated.

"In many cases, the claimed harms are nothing more than preexisting or industry-wide grievances that commenters are improperly re-airing in this proceeding," Comcast, the nation's largest cable provider, said of its detractors. "Many businesses and organizations who compete with or aim to extract unwarranted concessions from Comcast or NBCU are attempting to use the commission's review process to foist unprecedented and onerous burdens on the combined entity."

Other cable firms, including DirecTV and a small cable company lobbying group called the American Cable Association, have called for conditions that would prevent Comcast from migrating NBC's content to the internet or other channels and then restricting consumer access to it.

There are a number of other suggestions for conditions that would keep the deal fair. For one, the ACA requests that Comcast-NBCU would be required to sell NBC stations and regional sports networks to other carriers on a stand-alone basis rather than as a bundle. The Writers Guild of America has also proposed that at least 25 percent of all NBC's content after the merger be produced by independent entities.
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