Google acquires SocialDeck in what may be a bid to rival FacebookSearch giant Google has announced yet another acquisition - this one of SocialDeck, a social media and gaming platform.

Recently, Google has gobbled up a series of smaller companies in what many believe is an effort to create a social networking site that would rival the enormously successful Facebook. Earlier this week, Google confirmed an agreement to purchase Angstro;, a small startup that builds applications to integrate with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Within the last few months, Google has also invested in social gaming player Zynga and purchased social media solutions providers Jambool, Slide and Aardvark.

SocialDeck, founded in 2008 by COO Anish Acharya and CTO Jeson Patel, creates Facebook, iPhone and BlackBerry titles enabling simultaneous play across multiple devices and social networks. The firm's platform technology also facilitates viral content discovery, distribution and monetization.

Google's acquisition of ITA Software, which designs ways to browse travel information, has come under investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice after competing firms raised antitrust concerns.
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