Rumors of Apple's popular iPhone joining Verizon Wireless' network of smartphones have been floating around the internet for years - but this time they may have some credibility, thanks to new information about Apple's supply chain.

The iPhone is made up of a number of different parts shipped in from a variety of different suppliers. One company makes the phone's screen, while another makes the computer chips, and so on. Until now, Apple's supply chain has only utilized GSM chipsets, which are compatible with AT&T's network. To make an iPhone for Verizon, the company would need to order CDMA chipsets - which they've begun to do from a company called Qualcomm, according to TechCrunch.

If the rumors are true, the evidence will manifest itself all the way down the supply chain - in Apple's orders, in Qualcomm's order, and even in the orders of Qualcomm's foundry partner, TSMC. If the supply chain continues to indicate a need for CDMA chipsets, it could mean an iPhone on Verizon as early as January of next year.

While it's a good idea to take these rumors with a grain of salt, knowledge about supply chains can offer enormous insight into future products a company may offer. For instance, rumors about a tablet computer manufactured by Apple gained credibility once it was discovered that the company was ordering large LCD screens. A few months later, the company launched the iPad.
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