I found this helpful article and thought it would be a nice read for a Friday afternoon. With the sinking economy and ever growing personal debt I’m sure all of are looking for ways to save money while still enjoying life outside the living room. I know I am, I love hanging at the house but for sanity’s sake we all need to get out once in a while.

The article gives some tips on how to get out and not break your bank account in the process.

1. Discipline your dining out. Try not to dine out more than once a week, but make it worth it when you do go out that one time. The article mentions seeking out happy hours and dinner deals. My suggestion also is to look for sites like phillyhalfoff where nice establishments offer half price deals. I use this particular site all the time and it can definitely save you money.

2. Look for deals and freebies. This one goes along with the phillyhalfoff website and takes it to the next level with coupons and other deals. The economy is hurting everyone, including small businesses. It is fairly easy to find deals such as a free appetizer with meal purchase or no cover charge on certain nights at the bar. One tip I like to mention, don’t be afraid to use this deals to their full potential, it seems silly NOT to try to save money.

3. Be upfront with your friends. Again, a good segway from my last statement. Most of your friends are likely in the same, if not worse situation financially. Between school loans, credit card debt, poorly negotiated car loans, and so on….. you should not feel like you have to hide your need for thriftiness.

Also, as mentioned in the article, fun does not always equate to breaking out the cash. There are plenty of free activities whether you live in a city or in a more rural community. You can usually find this information by simply searching on the Internet. So basically, enjoy your time off whether you are going to the museum or spending the weekend in Paris, just do it within a budget that makes you feel comfortable on Monday morning.

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