The BlackBerry Torch costs less to manufacture than the iPhone 4Research in Motion, manufacturer of the BlackBerry, has found a way to build smartphones for significantly less than the phones produced by its chief rivals.

RIM's latest installment in the BlackBerry line of smartphones, the Torch, costs approximately $183.05 to manufacture - much less than the phone's primary rivals, Apple's iPhone and Android-based devices such as those made by HTC and Motorola.

Analyst Andrew Rassweiler told the Wall Street Journal that RIM's approach was "revolutionary," adding that the phone has an "enhanced feature set that largely matches those of the BlackBerry's chief competitors," without breaking the bank.

Excluding an estimated manufacturing cost of $12, the Torch's bill for raw materials and components is $171.05 - more than $15 less than the iPhone 4's supplies and materials bill of $187.51, according to iSuppli.

On both devices, the most expensive subsystem is the LCD touch screen display module section. On the Torch, the screen and its related components cost $34.95 and represent 20 percent of the product's total bill of materials.

The BlackBerry Torch, which combines both a touchscreen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, is sold by AT&T.

Since BlackBerry is rapidly losing marketshare to the likes of Apple and Android (and the soon to come Windows 7 phone), reducing the costs of manufacturing is an excellent way to recover lost sales dollars. For help reducing your supply chain costs, try contacting a Procurement Service Provider.
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