With the onset of COVID-19 many companies are encouraging their employees to work from home. Although, some may be more experienced than others in working from home this is definitely an adjustment for all. Forbes has provided some best practices for working from home.

One of their first steps to success is to create a work-conducive environment. It is recommended that your home work-space mimics that of your office space. This means to have a chair and desk setup versus a couch, bed or other relaxation furniture. For me personally, this has proven true. I am a much more efficient worker when at a desk in the den of my home verses my bedroom. Additionally, this area should be void of distractions such as family and entertainment devices (TVs, gaming systems etc).

Next, comes the more mental aspects. This includes having set office hours, taking breaks, eating healthy and exercising. Being at home there is a little more freedom with your work schedule. Though, this flexibility should not be taken advantage of. It is good to still create a schedule. This will help keep your productivity on-track. Next, it is important to take those lunch and coffee breaks. Allowing your mind a chance to rest and your body a chance to recharge will help increase your endurance and often make the day go by faster.

Lastly Forbes provides some advice on the business side. Computer skills are in high demand in most jobs today. Now that you may have to set up your own devices and technical equipment as well as participate in various virtual meetings, it is best that you watch some online tutorials or even enroll in a few free online courses. It is important to stay connected with your work team through various form of communication such as instant messaging and video calls. In my experience, having a network helps you feel supported and confident.

Have you been implementing any of these best practice at home already? Did you learn anything new today? Is there any tip that you can add? Let us know in the comments below!
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