Studies show that 1 in 5 adults report mental health issues. Although this may seem like it is just a personal matter, it actually affects companies. To start, many citizens with mental health conditions also have serious physical health conditions. This combination of issues raises the treatment rates by about 300%. As a result, companies will have to provide sufficient insurance and time off for their employees to tend to these concerns.

To minimize these hardships, companies can actually assist with the mental healing of their employees. For one, they can spread awareness about the importance of monitoring your mental health and stress management. Promoting workplace health is often successful and even more when paired with intervention opportunities. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention provide a lot of insight on how companies can take action. One is to foster a safe environment. Safe can mean that employees have access to dedicated quiet spaces to perform relaxing activities throughout the week. Another option is to provide employees free counseling services in support of their mental well being. Some additional ideas to promote wellness include stress management workshops, mental health PTO, training for leadership to spot those distressed and providing information brochures throughout the company.

Now, more than ever, mental health support is needed. As a result of our current pandemic, many are experiencing high level of anxiety and stress. If companies show their support and understanding during this difficult time, employees are likely to become appreciative of and even prioritize their job when everything is over.

The World Health Organization has taken a step further as to create a Global Plan of Action. It started in 2013 with a full implementation and impact goal of 2030. It 'outlines relevant principles, objectives and implementation strategies to promote good mental health in the workplace.' Check it out here to learn how you can start promoting mental health today!

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