October 13, 2017

Here's a look at where Source One's cost reduction experts have been featured this week!

Recent Whitepaper:
Effective collaboration between Procurement and IT can help optimize budgets and vendor relationships. A lack of stakeholder engagement, however, presents challenges for companies attempting to foster this relationship.  Calling upon years of experience and a number of case studies, Source One and Corporate United provide strategies for understanding stakeholder motivations, identifying synergies, and better managing IT spend.

Recent Blogs:

Nothing New Under the Sun: Taking an Advanced Approach to Supplier Diversity
Vernon Griffin, Spend Matters, 10/6/2017
The advent of sabermetric analysis changed the way we evaluate athletic performance.  New, more advanced metrics could similarly change the ways we look at supplier diversity.  Amending the traditional diversity considerations can provide companies with greater insight and, ultimately, produce greater value.  It'll take time, but soon leading organizations will analyze supplier diversity in ways that would look totally unfamiliar today.

Upcoming Event:
October 24th, Source One will join procurement and strategic sourcing professionals from leading pharmaceutical companies for a three day conference.  This event will provide valuable networking opportunities and enable thought leaders to discuss Procurement's ability to drive value in the pharma industry.  This year's festivities promise more of the enlightening discussions and presentations attendees have come to expect. 

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