Anyone who's ever made telecommunications purchases for their organization can agree on at least one thing: Invoices inevitably feature a huge number of vaguely defined  'taxes, surcharges, and fees.'  In fact, these mysterious expenses often constitute more than 30% of total costs.  It's hard enough for most companies to address that other 70% - why should they look more closely at these expenses? After all, aren't taxes and fees set in stone?

You might be surprised to find that many of these charges are far more negotiable - even avoidable - than the word 'taxes' might suggest. Some aren't really taxes at all. These charges are certainly complex, but they're far from indecipherable.  Once you've committed to auditing them once, you should find that they're actually far simpler than you imagined.

Want to learn more?  Visit Source One's YouTube channel to hear some insights from Source One's IT Practice Lead, Dave Pastore. In our latest podcast, he explains the possible pitfalls of letting spend go unchecked as well as the considerable benefit of more thoroughly assessing and addressing these charges.

It's entirely possible your company lacks the resources to develop an effective program for auditing telecom usage and spend.  If that's the case, give Source One's cost reduction experts a call today.  We'll act as an extension of your team to to develop actionable strategies for more efficient purchasing in the future.

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