ICYMIM: October 23, 2017

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What is Your Spend Analytics Persona? Understand Your Requirements to Find the Best Technology Provider
Spend Matters Analyst Team, Spend Matters, 10/23/2017
Procurement, finance, supply chain and IT organizations are all different in their own ways. All of these categories have their own little spin to it, but they all fit together like a puzzle. The Spend Matters Analyst Team put together this article to go over how each of these five different categories fit together. The main purpose of these five categories is to help benefit stakeholders within the company. 

It's Hard to Find Fraud in Big Spend Stacks ...
Michael Lamoureaux AKA The Sourcing Doctor, Sourcing Innovation, 10/17/2017
T&E spend, travel and entertainment spend. Organizations have business trips all the time, they send out employees on trips for work, most of the time these trips turn into a big expense for companies, but how do they cut down on T&E spend? Many companies are looking into different approaches to cut down on T&E spend. 

Upwork Releases 'Freelancing in America' Report: Will Freelancers Be the Majority by 2027?
Sydney Lazarus, Spend Matters, 10/23/2017
"Which do you consider more stable, freelancing or traditional employer-based work?"
Research is now suggesting that freelance work can be equally beneficial. Freelancers Union has recently published a article on how freelancing in America is going to become the new thing and it is rising in numbers. Freelancers are more opened to change, which we see everyday in procurement offices. Is freelancing the way to go? We will have to see. 

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