Source One Round Up: February 5, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One experts have been featured this week!

Listen in to Source One's Jennifer Engel and Kelly Barner of Buyers Meeting Point discuss the ins and outs of Supplier Diversity Programs as they relate to driving resiliency, sustainability, and adaptability in the supply chain. Engel shares her advice for incorporating these factors in the supplier rationalization process to help ensure your company fully benefits from having a supply base. 
Cyber Security and Selecting a Provider

Cyber security in today's world of hacks and data breaches it an utmost concern for companies of all sizes. As a result, many companies turn to a managed security service providers for support and expertise. So, what should you be looking for when sourcing a provider? This week, Source One's IT Analyst Iyana Lester shares 5 core considerations for selecting a provider that is best-fit for your organization's security needs. 

Selecting an Agency for Impactful Marketing
According the the Wall Street Journal, we spend about 2 years watching commercials. With all of that time exposed to marketing campaigns of hundreds of companies, it comes as no surprise that most of those messages we ignore. It takes something extraordinary to make an impact on a consumer - that something for Proctor and Gamble was an inspirational message to their consumers in their "Like a Girl". Source One's Marketing Analyst Nicole Mahaffey explains the components of the agency relationship necessary for an impactful marketing campaign. 

Data Breach Response Planning Part II
Data breaches are a nightmare for any organization and while in the ideal scenario all of our preventative measures would fend off any potential hacks, having a response plan in place is necessary. In her follow up article, Source One Project Manager Torey Guingrich explains the necessary components and departments for a data breach response plan,and procurement's role in ensuring your organization is proactively prepared for the worst case scenario. 

The Future of Procurement - 2016 Edition 
With 2015 behind us, there are a number of supply chain trends to reflect on, learn from, and anticipate in the coming year. Shifts in the market has challenged businesses to focus on sustainability, product transparency, and assess all aspects of the supplier and agency relationships. In our Future of Procurement blog series, Source One's executives reflect on the challenges and trends of the past year, as well as share their predictions for what lies ahead for procurement professionals in the upcoming year. 

Get Ready for ISM2016 and the Exec IN Forum
Bringing the Future of Procurement to ISM2016, Source One has announced its partnership with the Institute for Supply Management as the exclusive sponsor the Exec IN forum. The private conference is an extension of ISM2016's Corporate Team Experience, bringing together senior-level supply management professionals of top organizations ($1.5 billion+ revenue) to discuss the challenges and opportunities related to large supply chain operations.

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