Source One Round Up: February 26, 2016

Here's a look at where Source One experts have been featured this week!


Creating Strong Relationships Between Procurement Organizations and Their Business Stakeholders
As a Project Manager, Source One's Boris Kopylov can attest to the challenges that arise when conducting a sourcing engagement in a spend category where procurement and the respective business units are not aligned. Kopylov explains, while in the past procurement may not have always been equipped to fully support purchasing decisions of complex categories beyond motivating savings, that the historical function of procurement is changing. As procurement evolves, there is a growing need for the department to have strong relationships with other areas of the business. 

Telecom Contracting 101
Telecom contracts are a labyrinth of terms and conditions and believe it or not, in many cases they're not always written in your company's best interest - making it all the more necessary to fully understand the different components of your contract. This week, Telecom subject matter expert, Leigh Merz shares her advice for navigating the maze that is your telecom contract to achieve best-in-class terms. 

The 8 Laws of Successful Supplier Transitions: Part I
Whether it's due to pricing or service quality, there can be countless reasons to switch vendors or suppliers. However, the actual transition process is often a major challenge for most organizations. In the first part of this blog series, Source One's Brian Seipel explains the risks associated with transitioning to a new vendor. 

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