Today’s guest contribution is brought to us courtesy of MRA Global Sourcing, a premier provider of recruiting solutions placing top talent in the area of supply management and procurement. 

With access to more resources than ever before, today’s highly qualified candidates are more discerning about the companies to which they apply and the job offers they accept. These sought after candidates prioritize a company’s values and culture and when it comes to selecting a future employer, are looking for an organization that fosters a culture that is aligned with their own values.

"Positive work environments and inspiring company culture are outweighing pay or benefits to highly qualified applicants. They’re looking for the opportunity to grow not only professionally but personally within their organization they chose to work.”– explains Naseem Malik, Managing Partner of MRA Global Sourcing.

The recruiting guru recommends answering these three questions about your organization as tools for revealing key traits job seekers value most:

1. What does our organization value? Beyond strategic objectives and financial goals, reflect on the impact your company has on its community. Today’s candidates are also concerned about their potential employer’s commitment to social responsibilities and look for opportunities to contribute a greater cause that goes bey

ond making money. Consider your organization’s values and mission - how you can convey these attributes during your next candidate interview? An interviewer with the ability to share the company’s higher purpose and its contributions to the common good make for a more appealing job offer for today’s modern applicants.

How are employees prioritized? Top candidates value company culture and gain insight into how it’s created by getting an idea of their potential coworkers. Effectively discussing your organization’s culture with applicants begins by analyzing the positive qualities that employees across your company have in common. For example, take a look at the specific characteristics of your high performers. What traits do they all seem to share that has an impact on your company?

Try spending some time talking with your employees to get a better understanding of both their personal qualities and attitudes that they bring to the workplace. While having these conversations, also pay attention to the overall office atmosphere. Do bonding or socialization activities occur in and outside of work? Are the activities encouraged? Or is the atmosphere negative or stressed? If the latter, improving your organization’s culture should be prioritized.

3. What is our organizational structure? How is work across your organization accomplished? Job seekers in today’s highly competitive landscape are searching for alternatives to the traditional top-down organization structures. They prefer to work at companies that promote collaboration within their organizational structure that not only encourages ideas from employees at all levels, but also turns ideas into actions.

Workplace ethics and sound business practices are also a top priority of today’s candidates. They want to work at a company that holds everyone accountable for their actions, including leadership. Take into consideration your company’s organization structure. Assess the accountability measures currently in place and the ways they can be improved.

"Ensure your organization is addressing the unique needs and concerns of modern job seekers by reflecting on these components of your organization and make them a priority during pivotal conversations with candidates. Acting with self-awareness and incorporating these exercises into your organization’s hiring practices will make you all the more attractive to top performers.” adds Malik.

Supply chain and procurement recruiting remains a challenge for organizations looking to fill positions with high caliber talent and will be a topic of discussion at ISM2016. Look for experts from both MRA Global and Source One Management Services (exclusive of the Exec IN forum) at the Annual Conference taking place May 15-18 in Indianapolis.     
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