When I heard Robin Quivers of The Howard Stern Show report how fast food chains are offering extremely cheap deals to not only assist low-income families or those who are suffering in today’s economic times but to help stay afloat, I know things are still really bad.

Over the past few years fast food chains have become less popular maybe because of continuous reports of the Obesity problem in the US or even the popular documentary released in 2004 Super Size Me, Fast Food Nation. I then started reading how some of these fast food chains even want to allow low-income families to be able to use food stamps in the establishments; “Yum! Brands, the purveyor of fine establishments like KFC, Long John Silver’s and the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, is now lobbying the U.S. Department of Agriculture to be able to accept food stamps” Blisstree.com.

There are continuous discussions as to whether this should be allowed; “There was a debate in The New York Times yesterday over the "proper" use of SNAP (formerly "food stamp") funds. The basic question is whether use of food assistance dollars should be restricted so as to preclude unhealthful food choices: soda, fast food and so on” Huffingtonpost.com.

Who is to decide what is best for the people and why not allow this when the government already supports the use of SNAP at gas stations, farmers markets, and some convenient stores like Wawa. People have to eat and they should be able to eat what they want. The article continues by arguing that food stamps should not be used on prepared food. I am not saying we should allow food stamps in every fine restaurant in the US, but come on…it is fast food. Also, the government should be supportive of companies making efforts to stay in business and show their own support to those in need.
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Leigh Merz

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