After a very observant Facebook post by one of my esteemed colleagues regarding the addition of bacon to just about anything and how it provides such an obvious improvement I got to thinking …..what isn’t better with bacon in it, on it, or with it?  Even better though, can bacon be the answer to our economic and political woes? 

In Flintshire County, in the United Kingdom it appears that bacon butties may at least solve a dispute among council members regarding grievances over a short recess between meetings and other site visit activities not allowing for a meal break.  Councilors were asked to bring their own sandwiches to eat on a short 10 minute break, apparently this doesn’t happen often and is an astonishing insult.  Chairwoman Alison Halford emailed authority leader Arnold Woolley and suggested that committee members be provided bacon sandwiches out of his pocket in an effort to resolve the upset caused by the request.  Unfortunately I do not have a follow up response to report at this time as the matter was apparently resolved privately, but I have no doubt that if the authority leader submits to this request, all will be well.  Why?  Because how could bacon NOT resolve the issue?!

(For those who may not have the ability to consume pork products, turkey bacon is a comparable substitute.  I would also recommend low sodium products if you have health concerns, it’s just as good as the fully salted version.)
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Jennifer Ulrich

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  1. bacon has my vote- you should send this suggestion to the Pres of the USA!!!!!

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