Boeing delivers first Dreamliner – after 3 years of delays Boeing officials announced this week the company had finally delivered the first of its 787 Dreamliner aircraft after more than three years of delays. The company's stock rose to its highest levels in more than six weeks as a result, and executives affirmed they had overhauled supply chain logistics as they hope to avoid future repeats of such wide-spread delays.

Bloomberg reports Boeing delivered the first of its vaunted 787 planes to All Nippon Airways this week. The newly designed twin-engine 787 is the company's best-selling new jet ever, according to officials. Thus far, 56 customers have placed 821 orders for the energy efficient aircraft, which will enable airlines to achieve business cost reductions, as it is 20 percent more efficient than similar-sized planes. Boeing hopes to ratchet up production of the Dreamliner now that it has successfully delivered the first model, analysts asserted.

"Boeing is now in the position of demonstrating that it can begin the ramp-up," Jefferies & Co. analyst Howard Rubel said in a note. "We figure Boeing can deliver eight to 12 planes prior to year-end."

The $200 million aircraft is expected to give Boeing a leg-up – at least initially – over rival Airbus, Reuters reports.

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