Gamers – now is your chance to be part of the action. Siemens Industry has developed Plantville, a new online game that allows you the experience of being a plant manager and running a successful bottling, vitamin, or plant that builds trains. The goal of the game is to run a successful plant while increasing your productivity, efficiencies, and improving the overall health of the plant. “Plant Managers” have to apply industrial and infrastructure products from Siemens to improve the health of the plant and solve plant challenges. As you solve plant problems, the plant manager improves the plant’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Gamers are measured on KPIs including safety, delivery, quality, and energy. The game allows you to go head to head with other gamers, it keeps track of the leaders at each level, and it also provides help and best practices through “Pete the Plant Manager”. This is just another opportunity to connect with customers and showcase product lines. Siemen's also believes this game will encourage a new generation of plant managers and engineers. I am not sure if this will be the case, but I do think it’s a good approach to bring more exposure to the brand and insight into the industry.
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Lindsey Fandozzi

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  1. You read one of the magazines I gave you!

  2. My favorite plant is Rhododendron, or "roady" as some would call it.