May auto sales disappointThough global auto sales have surged in the aftermath of the recession, supply chain disruptions emanating from the Japanese crisis hurt sales in May, according to new data released this week.

The Wall Street Journal reports that automakers from around the globe reported varying successes and failures in May. The results from Korean carmakers Hyundai Motor Co and Kia Motor Corp differed sharply from rivals, with the companies reporting sales gains of 20.7 percent and 53.4 percent respectively.

However, total global sales hit 1.09 million cars in May, which was down from the 1.1 million cars sold in the month the year prior, according to General Motors' analysts. What's more, U.S. annualized sales declined to 12 million from 13.2 million cars in April. That figure, though, is still higher than the 11.6 million vehicles sold in 2010.

GM said its sales fell by 1 percent to 221,192 vehicles, while Ford Motor said its U.S. sales were mostly flat. GM U.S. vice president Don Johnson said smaller cars sold well in the month.

"Customers continue to demand better fuel economy and our commitment to produce high-quality, fuel-efficient vehicles is paying off," Johnson said in a statement.
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  1. Don't you like how these writers pick on GM for a 1% sales drop, but don't mention how bad the so called American Japanese brands. I mean all the American news writer consider them American Companies. Wasn't we lead to believe their built in America, no wonder so many of our parts suppliers are out of Business. I bet the Japanese media doesn't treat their companies like crap.

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  3. Wow, whoever wrote the first comment must speak jive.