Airbus receives record number of orders for its A320neo  U.S.-based Boeing's biggest competitor Airbus said this week that it has received a record number of orders for its fuel efficient jetliners, putting pressure on Boeing to deliver its long-delayed Dreamliner, according to a published report.

The Associated Press reports that Airbus received a huge number of orders for its fuel-saving jetliner, the A320neo this week at the Paris Air Show. In fact, the number of orders was so high that Airbus said it represents the biggest-ever single sale in aviation history. The announcement from Europe-based Airbus underscored the supply chain disruptions that have plagued Boeing's development of its energy- efficient 787 Dreamliner.

Energy prices have climbed more than 340 percent since 2002, and a barrel of oil is hovering around $95, which is increasing demand for energy efficient jetliners, industry analysts assert. The Airbus A320neo is 15 percent more fuel efficient than the Dreamliner, according to the company, and wowed aviation professionals at this month's show.

Airbus said that Indian low-cost carrier IndiGo ordered 180 of the fuel efficient aircrafts, representing the single biggest order in the company's history.
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