With the explosion of mobile applications, games, entertainment and daily deal options on your cell phone, it is no surprise that people are spending more time on their devices than staying focused in the real world…and at what cost?

In a blog posted on crs.com, a study performed at the University of Alabama found that 1/3 of students use smartphone applications while driving. Although 33 states banned texting while driving, the use of mobile aps is not clearly identified. I recently blogged about how there are so many car accidents caused by motorists texting while driving. Well imagine what will happen while someone is playing a game or watching a YouTube video.

In a story on psfk.com it is expressed by the mobile analytics firm Flurry, that “the average user spends 9% more time using mobile apps than the Internet”.

Although I understand the obsession with Angry Birds or turning your friends into Zombies on Zombie Booth, I thought Smartphones/Blackberrys were created for cell phone use and PC-like functionality.

When I am in a meeting with a client or supplier and I see them plugging away on their device, I wonder if they are checking email or playing Words with Friends.

It is a great thing that technology has advanced so significantly. However, I still think about the days when playing outside with your friends riding bikes or playing tennis with an actual racket and ball was a popular thing to do. Now our eyes and ears are focused on these 4+inch screens and verbal/physical contact is a thing of the past.
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Leigh Merz

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