Chevy car sales climb as consumers covet fuel efficiency  General Motors has risen from insolvency to reclaim its position as one of the globe's biggest automakers. According to a published report, car sales of the company's Chevrolet brand are soaring this year.

Reuters reports that compared to its truck sales, Chevrolet car sales in the first half of this year are on pace to reach their highest market share for the brand in two decades. In June, car sales at Chevy represented slightly more than 50 percent of total U.S. sales, according to the company. That serves as the third consecutive month in which car sales eclipsed those of trucks.

Thus far this year, Chevy car sales have accounted for 47 percent of all the company's vehicle sales, affirmed Chevy vice president of sales and service Alan Batey.

"You'll see continued strength in passenger cars, particularly in the compact and mid-car segments," Batey said.

Global automobile sales have soared during the nascent economic recovery, with sales of smaller cars leading the way, according to industry analysts. Amid high energy prices - oil continues to hover near $100 per barrel - many consumers are shunning larger trucks for their smaller counterparts as they endeavor to cut costs.
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