Yahoo teams with CBS and HSN Over the past decade, the television industry has been wildly profitable as consumers changed their older models for new LCD and flat screen offerings. As television makers look for new ways to keep sales high, they are increasingly turning toward televisions that offer Web connections. In an effort to make a dent in that market, Yahoo! Inc., CBS Corp. and HSN Inc. recently announced a new partnership.

CBS - which holds the distinction of being the most-watched broadcast network in the U.S. - and HSN will team with Yahoo to add interactive features to live broadcasts aired on television sets equipped with the search company's Connected TV software.

Yahoo hopes that the agreement among the three companies will give it a leg-up in the market for Web-enabled televisions - a sector where its primary rivals are technology giants Google and Apple. Yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Yahoo announced that with its newly-formed partnership, viewers will be able to buy items and learn about an actor in a show, for example, while they are watching live television shows.

According to research firm Borrell Associates, sales of targeted display advertising, or ads delivered through the Web, will increase nearly 60 percent in the coming year to $10.9 billion. Yahoo affirms that its strategic partnership will increase its presence in the market and bring about increased business efficiency.
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