Toyota introduces manufacturing tool that saves money, cuts production times Toyota recently introduced a new assembly line tool at one of its subsidiary factories that permits the world's biggest automobile maker to both save money and cut production times, according to the Asahi newspaper.

The new assembly line structure will help Toyota to shore up its supply chain and augment revenue. Installed at a new factory of Central Motor Co., the assembly machine is shaped like the letter "U" and hastens the production process by allowing multiple tasks to take place simultaneously on a vehicle. For example, Reuters reported that the tool could enable an engine to be installed in the front of a car while underbody parts are added to the back.

The new system carries vehicles on a conveyor and has a shorter assembly line than older models. Toyota is thrilled with the newest addition to its supply chain as the assembly tool has decreased the unit's factory assembly line length by over 30 percent - and in the process saved the company 40 percent on capital expenditure.

Since the yen has gained in recent months against other currencies, Toyota has looked for ways to cut costs and supply chain tweaks have so far worked. Toyota announced last month that it hopes to overhaul its domestic manufacturing processes as it works to cut costs, so similar changes to production could be coming soon to the Japanese conglomerate.  
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