New IBM software improves supply chain, helps grow revenue International Business Machines recently unveiled its newest supply chain offering that can help its clients cut costs and grow revenue through improved customer relationships and supply chain analytics. The system, a Consumer Products Industry Framework, is already used by Crocs and Pepsi.

IBM affirms that the Consumer Products Industry Framework helps consumer products businesses meet the challenges they face in a crowded marketplace. For example, the system permits IBM clients to build stronger relationships with their customers by turning consumer behaviors and preferences into a more streamlined supply chain.

Moreover, the IBM system serves as a tool to predict future consumer behaviors, promoting effectiveness through the manipulation of demand data and other pertinent information to increase business efficiency. By eliminating the red tape between manufacturers and distributor strategies, the system ultimately reduces unnecessary inventory levels.

According to IBM, the system has always generated tangible results for Pepsi: After using the supply chain system, Pepsi reduced its raw material and supplies inventory from $201 million to $195 million, cut 2 percent of its total transport miles while growing revenue and added 12.3 million cases of beverages to be sold as a result of reductions taken in warehouse out-of-stock levels.
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