Solar company buys startup, aims to boost business efficiency As it endeavors to augment the efficiency of its business operations, First Solar Inc., an Arizona-based solar power company, recently announced that it purchased a startup, RayTracker, a maker of equipment that increases the amount of energy solar panels generate.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the terms of the deal were not announced, but First Solar affirms that RayTracker's solar tracking technology will allow it to grow its business efficiency by ultimately lowering the costs consumers pay to buy energy from its solar panels.

Currently, First Solar has some of the lowest manufacturing costs in the solar power industry and is a leading developer of large-scale solar farms in the U.S. However, the company's thin-film panels - made with cadmium and tellurium - convert less sunlight into energy than rival panels constructed from silicon cells.

With RayTracker's tracking technology, First Solar asserts that its thin-film panels will have higher energy output, lowering the costs consumers pay to buy energy from its solar farms. Alan Bernheimer, a First Solar spokesman, said that the deal will enable First Solar to boost efficiency, cut business costs and lower consumer's bills:

"By combining our systems technologies, we expect to accelerate our roadmap for lowering" the costs of energy.
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